July 16-18, 2010 The Hollywood Reporter

Power Lawyers 2010

By Matthew Belloni

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Power Lawyers 2010

July 16-18, 2010 | The Hollywood Reporter | By Matthew Belloni

Bryan Freedman

Freedman & Taitelman

Q: "I've been defamed by an anonymous posting online. Who can I sue?"

A: "If you are the target of an online attack, one practical solution is to simply request that the website remove the libelous statements. Although sites and ISPs have broad immunity for content published by third parties, they often have little tolerance for online abuse. If you really want to go after your online secret admirer, file a lawsuit against a 'Doe' defendant. You can often expose 'Deep Throat' through some simple discovery. Remember, websites routinely require visitors and bloggers to register before posting content. Moreover, sites ususally can pinpoint the IP address where the defamatory posting originated. Later, amend your pleadings to name the 'Doe' defendant, and litigate the merites of the case. I have consistently found that anonymous defamers feel intense pain from an embarassing and expensive lawsuit."

Freedman filed the first defamation case (against Courtney Love) arising from Twitter comments and he owns protectyourrep.com, which removes unwanted content on the Web.

- July 2010 - BRYAN FREEDMAN selected as one of the Top 33 entertainment litigators in the United States by The Hollywood Reporter.