August 01, 2019

Faze Lawsuit Reveals Tfue Made Over $20 Million in a Year

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Faze Lawsuit Reveals Tfue Made Over $20 Million in a Year - article by

Faze Lawsuit Reveals Tfue Made Over $20 Million in a Year

By Jesse D Morgan

photo: 'Tfue'| (Credit: none provided)

Earlier this year, Fortnite pro player and FaZe Clan member Turner “Tfue” Tenny filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan, alleging that the clan prevents him from signing some deals and takes upwards of 80% of his revenue. Now, FaZe has fired back with a lawsuit of their own.

The new lawsuit, according to TMZ, accuses the 21-year-old of breach-of-contract, and claims that he betrayed the team. FaZe Clan also revealed that Tfue has made around $20 million since April 2018, and has only handed over $60,000; a small percent of the amount his contract requires.

FaZe Clan says it provided the Fortnite pro with plenty of opportunities to increase his revenue and his stake in the clan, and that he wouldn’t have made a fraction of money if he had remained on his own. FaZe also claims that Tfue was merely a “skilled gamer” until it came along and used its tool to transform him into a money-making pro player. FaZe says that a rookie contract is always a risk, and that most young careers don’t take off. Essentially, the restrictive contract acts as insurance.

Tfue’s contract binds him to FaZe until 2021. FaZe believes that Tfue understood the contract when he signed it, and doesn’t have the authority at this point to call it unfair. Apparently, the contact also includes a non-disparagement clause, which Tfue also violated when he took to YouTube to call the company out for what he sees as an unfair treatment.

If successful, the lawsuit would entitle FaZe to back-pay for all of the money Tfue owes them as stated in his contract. It would also force Tfue to refrain from divulging any further sensitive information about the clan. If successful, it might stop copycats who try to free themselves of their own obligations. FaZe’s Fortnite team captain Cloakzy recently made moves to follow in Tfue’s footsteps.

Tfue’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, has his own thoughts about the lawsuit. FaZe filed the lawsuit in New York, and Freedman claims this was intentional because they knew their contract with Tfue violates California law, the state where Tfue lives. He says they even admit to violating California’s Talent Agencies Act which requires the agency possess a license in order to procure employment.

Regardless of the outcome, it seems this argument will drag on. Meanwhile, FaZe continues to sign new talent and participate in Fortnite tournaments, including this past weekend’s Fortnite World Cup. Meanwhile, Tfue continues to play and stream, but has removed all of FaZe’s branding from his online presence.


Source: TMZ
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