April 04, 2018 The Hollywood Reporter

Power Lawyers 2018: Hollywood's Top 100 Attorneys | Bryan Freedman

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Power Lawyers 2018: Hollywood's Top 100 Attorneys

6:30 AM 4/4/2018 by THR Staff

photo: 'John Meigs Jr. and Issa Rae' | (CREDIT: Photographed By Martha Galvan)

The lawyers on The Hollywood Reporter's 12th annual list have nothing to feel insecure about: Hollywood's top legal pros help rising stars like Issa Rae capitalize on their success, guide industry-shaping mergers and deal with high-profile disputes amid the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.

Bryan Freedman

Freedman & Taitelman

University of the Pacific

Why he matters Freedman represents UTA in a host of matters, including its agent-poaching dispute with CAA and an antitrust case filed by a boutique agency, the dismissal of which was affirmed on appeal. He has clients on all sides of #MeToo, including former Paramount exec Megan Colligan, who's making claims of gender discrimination, and alleged perpetrators such as Kevin Spacey. He also handles disputes for Mariah Carey, Kenya Barris and Untitled Entertainment.

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