March 24, 2017

Thomas Gibson in Hot Water Again Over 'Criminal Minds'

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Thomas Gibson in Hot Water Again Over 'Criminal Minds'

March 24th, 2017 | CELEBRITY
Photo: Twitter / @THR

Thomas Gibson was fired from the CBS drama Criminal Minds back in August 2016 after allegedly kicking a writer on-set, and it seems controversy is still following the actor.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that in August 2014, Gibson was sued by Frontline Entertainment over money allegedly owed to the firm's Craig Dorfman, who acted first as Gibson's talent agent and then his manager.

The suit asked Gibson to pay a 10 percent commission on the $4.8 million annual salary he earned for his role on Criminal Minds, and the actor responded with a petition contending that an oral agreement for the commission should be voided because Dorfman acted as an unlicensed agent in procuring him work in violation of the Talent Agencies Act.

On Thursday, Barton Jacka, an attorney for the Labor Commissioner issued a determination refusing Gibson's demand.

To make the decision, Dorfman's role in procuring various opportunities for Gibson was examined. According to Gibson, the manager was fired for failing to get Gibson a "bump" in salary between seasons 9 and 10 of Criminal Minds.

The issue will now return to the Los Angeles Superior Court judge who paused Frontline's lawsuit.

"We are pleased that our client Frontline prevailed in this matter," said attorney Bryan Freedman. "The Labor Commission saw right through Thomas Gibson's true motivation which was to avoid paying the commissions owed by once again creating a fictitious recollection of facts which did not exist. I would think that given his career trajectory since leaving my client that Gibson would realize that the truth and honoring his commitments might be an appropriate starting point to rebuilding his career. No doubt this guy will continue to blame others and take no responsibility."