December 02, 2015

Bryan J. Freedman Honoree on The Variety's 2015 Dealmakers Impact Report

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December 02, 2015 - By Robert Marich

Dealmakers Impact Report 2015

LAW: Bryan J. Freedman

Founding partner Freedman+Taitelman Freedman is a litigation attorney who paves the way for Hollywood employment deals, such as those by talent agencies. He advises clients about existing employee obligations, what revenue streams to expect will follow to new jobs and preparing for claims from former employers. It’s “all of the minefields that arise when agents, managers, lawyers and entertainment industry executives go from one employer to another,” he says. A key issue is often California’s seven-year limit on personal services contracts. Freedman has advised UTA for 11 years including the recent move by some CAA agents to UTA. He’s been an entertainment litigation lawyer since 1991. Image: Courtesy of Bryan J. Freedman