June 26, 2015 BoxingTonight.co.uk

Mikey Garcia Winning Legal Battle Against Top Rank’s Servant Contract

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Mikey Garcia Winning Legal Battle Against Top Rank’s Servant Contract

June 26, 2015 | Written by Matt Hamilton

Mikey Garcia can amend a request to sever his contract with Top Rank, a federal judge has ruled. Garcia gave up a world title in October 2014 to move up in weight. He claims Top Rank wants to “exploit, own and permanently control” his career, in violation of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. He filed his first complaint on Wednesday with permission from U.S. District Judge Richard Boulware II.

Garcia says Top Rank’s promotional agreement with boxers gives it “the ability to extend the agreement indefinitely, essentially rendering the contracting fighter an indentured servant of Top Rank.”

He claims his contract is unenforceable and wants the court to declare him free of obligations to Top Rank and to award him damages for restraint of competition and legal violations. Garcia sued Top Rank in April 2014 in California. His promotional contract required disputes to be settled in the state of Nevada. Garcia has now done this… Many other Top Rank fighters will be looking at developments in this case with interest.

A final victory for Garcia could render all such past Top Rank promotional contracts void. Should he look to be winning it is likely that the promotional company will look to settle out of court to prevent widespread and lasting damage to their enterprise.