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Ex-housekeeper returns Alanis Morissette's dog

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Ex-housekeeper returns Alanis Morissette's dog

By Unaccredited author | 3:28 PM, Apr 18, 2014

LOS ANGELES - A housekeeper who used to work for Alanis Morissette and the singer's husband agreed to return the family's dog, which she allegedly took without permission when she was fired, an attorney for the couple told a judge Friday.

Morissette's husband, Mario Treadway, alleged that the former domestic worker, Maria Garcia, took Circus, a 10-pound Chihuahua/Pug mix, when her employment ended Jan. 21.

Another household employee, Patrick Murch, who took care of the pet and walked him, also was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed March 5 by Treadway in Los Angeles Superior Court.

On Jan. 23, Garcia sent Treadway's business manager an email asking that she be "given ownership of Circus," according to the suit.

Treadway, 39, refused because he and Morissette consider Circus to be "unique," and the dog is "loved by plaintiff and plaintiff's family," according to the lawsuit.

Plaintiffs' attorney Brian Turnauer told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O'Donnell Friday that the case was resolved.

Another lawyer for Treadway, Bryan Freedman, said the dog is back with Treadway and Morissette.

"The defendants understand that Treadway is the legal owner of Circus," Freedman said. "As a result, they returned Circus to Treadway yesterday evening. Treadway is dismissing his lawsuit as a result."

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