2007 New Complaint - Chris Crocker

LA Superior Court BC378667 / Onch Movement Jewelry v. Chris Crocker; Does


YouTube notoriety has its ups and downs, as evidence by a jewelry maker's $2 million lawsuit against Chris Crocker, a devoted Britney Spears fan who earned his moment in the spotlight with a homemade video beseeching the public to "Leave Britney alone!"

Crocker's emotionally charged plea landed him in the media and attracted the attention of Onch Movement Jewelry. The Los Angeles jewelry maker claims it inked a deal with Crocker in which it agreed to fly him from Tennessee to Los Angeles if he appeared at media events wearing Onch Movement's line of jewelry.

The arrangement allegedly required Crocker to wear only Onch Movement jewelry while he was in Los Angeles and to give regular "shout outs" to Onch Movement for flying him out to Los Angeles for its press campaign.

But Crocker had no intention of fulfilling the terms of the contract, the jeweler claims, and he failed to exclusively wear Onch Movement jewelry during press events.

Crocker's breach of contract cut into Onch Movement profits and severely damaged its reputation in the media, the lawsuit claims.

The company seeks more than $2 million in damages.

Causes of action: Fraud, breach of contract Filing counsel: Bryan Freedman and Matthew Voss of Freedman & Taitelman (L.A.)