Power Lawyers 2012 - Bryan Freedman

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Power Lawyers 2012 - Bryan Freedman

Bryan Freedman Freedman & Taitelman

The ultra-aggressive litigator has developed a unique specialty: representing talent agencies and managers when clients don't pay commissions. This year, he sued Chris Pine on behalf of the actor's former agency SDB Partners, which settled. He also settled a manager's claim against Melissa Joan Hart and a $100 million case against reality star Bethenny Frankel over her former management company's share of the Skinnygirl franchise. He won a ruling that Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld owes commissions to UTA and he brought a similar case for ICM against Jersey Shore star Pauly D.

How I get leverage: "By unearthing the key document that tells my client's story and utilizing that as a case mantra. People lie, documents do not. Juries and judges know that."