Michael A. Taitelman

Michael A. Taitelman is a general business litigator, with an emphasis on real estate and employment. Michael has extensive experience handling all aspects of business litigation, and has successfully tried numerous jury and non-jury trials to a successful conclusion. Additionally, Michael has been honored as one of the "Super Lawyer 2010 Top 100".

Michael also provides business counseling services to a variety of clients, ranging from small, entrepreneurial businesses to large publically traded companies. In this capacity, Michael serves as de facto general counsel, assisting emerging and established business with all of their legal needs.

Together with partner Bryan Freedman, Michael founded Freedman & Taitelman, LLP in 1997. Prior to that, Michael was a litigation associate at Alschuler, Grossman & Pines, now Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan, LLP.

Michael is admitted to practice before all courts in California and belongs to the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Michael graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1988. He received his J.D. in 1991 from the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Michael serves on various civic and charitable organizations in the community. Michael is married with two children.


Bryan J. Freedman

Bryan Freedman News

March 26, 2015 - "Former opponent sues South LA assemblyman Mike Gipson over 'dirty' campaign flyer"

March 26, 2015 - "United Talent Agency Sues Ex-Clients Over Commissions"

July 03, 2014 - "'Butterfly Effect' Production Company Sued For Failing to Share Film's Profits"

April 14, 2014 - "Courtney Love Hit With $96K Judgment After Missing Settlement Payment"

February 26, 2015 - "Courtney Love Fails to Thwart Defamation Lawsuit"

February 26, 2015 - "Courtney Love Fails to Get an Appeals Court to Dispense Defamation Lawsuit"

February 16, 2015 - "United Talent Agency Escapes Screenwriter's Lawsuit Over 'The Purge'"

February 10, 2015 - "Machinima, Collective Digital Studio Fight ‘Copyright Troll’"

February 09, 2015 - "Machinima, Collective Digital Studio File Suits Over Online-Video Music “Shakedown”"

February 05, 2015 - "‘Bad Judge’s Kate Walsh Settles Commissions Lawsuit With Ex-Managers"

December 23, 2014 - "Octavia Spencer Wins Lawsuit Over Weight-Loss Endorsement Deal"

December 04, 2014 - "Jay Penske's Legal War With Variety's Former Owner Heats Up"

October 09, 2014 - "Ben Affleck at Center of Legal War Among 'The Accountant' Producers (Exclusive)"

October 06, 2014 - "‘Resurrection’ Star Sued Over Unpaid Commissions From ABC Series"

October 03, 2014 - "'Dumb and Dumber To' a no-brainer sequel 20 years in the making"

September 29, 2014 - "Kate Walsh Sues Ex-Managers Over 'Bad Judge' Commissions (Exclusive)"

August 20, 2014 - "‘Criminal Minds’ Star Sued By Ex-Manager Over Commissions"

August 12, 2014 - "Did the California Labor Commissioner Just Shake Up the Music Industry?"

July 21, 2014 - "Octavia Spencer Headed to Trial Over Weight Loss Endorsement"

July 16, 2014 - " ‘Dumb & Dumber To’ Producers Lawsuit Settled"

July 03, 2014 - "Benderspink Claims Fraud, Sues For Profits On Ashton Kutcher Pic ‘The Butterfly Effect’"

June 27, 2014 - "91-year-old Sumner Redstone caught in catfight"

June 25, 2014 - "Sumner Redstone Legal Turmoil: Fighting Women, Lie-Detector Tests, Stolen Laptop With 'Private' Photo"

June 23, 2014 - "UTA Sues Poppy Montgomery for Failing to Pay Commissions"

June 23, 2014 - "UTA Sues ‘Unforgettable’ Star Poppy Montgomery Over Unpaid Commissions"

May 19, 2014 - "Property Owner May Pull Plug on Tech Mainstay"

April 30, 2014 - "Power Lawyers 2014: The Complete List A-Z" & "Power Lawyers 2014: The Litigators" - Bryan Freedman makes THR's 2014 Power Lawyers

April 29, 2014 - "'Wolf of Wall Street' Producer Attacks Racketeering Claim (Exclusive)"

April 21, 2014 - "Mikey Garcia & The Art Of Breaking The Cycle"

April 18, 2014 - "Ex-housekeeper returns Alanis Morissette's dog

April 18, 2014 - "Alanis Morissette -- You Oughta Know ... I GOT MY DOG BACK!!!"


April 16, 2014 - "Garcia files suit against Top Rank"

April 09, 2014 - "‘Dumb & Dumber To’ Financiers Steeped In “Illegal Activity”, Producers Claim; Red Granite Says Claims Are “Baseless”"

April 09, 2014 - "‘Dumb and Dumber’ Producers Claim Red Granite Used ‘Ill-Gotten Gains’ to Finance Sequel"

April 09, 2014 - "Lawsuit Claims 'Wolf of Wall Street' Financed With Embezzled Money (Exclusive)"

March 17, 2014 - "Actress Sued in Weight
Loss Twitter Twist"

February 20, 2014 - "Courtney Love Back
in Trouble in Latest Defamation Lawsuit"

December 13, 2013 - "Nikki Finke Hires
Charlie Sheen Lawyer as Penske Arbitration

December 11, 2013 - "'Extra' Host Maria
Menounos Beats Celebrity Stylist's Defamation

September 19, 2013 - "Jeff Berg’s Resolution
Agency Sued By Month-Long Agent Poached
From ICM"

September 18, 2013 - "Courtney Love, Social
Media Defamation Pioneer, Strikes Again"

September 17, 2013 - "Courtney Love Hit With
Yet Another Defamation Lawsuit (Exclusive)"

August 28, 2013 - "Octavia Spencer's Tweets
at Center of Endorsement Lawsuit (Exclusive)"

August 26, 2013 - "Perez Hilton Beats MTV's
'16 and Pregnant' Star in Court"

July 22, 2013 - "Insults Fly in 'Dumb and Dumber'
Sequel Countersuit (Exclusive)"

July 15, 2013 - "Joe Roth Settles Lawsuit Over
Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' (Exclusive)"

July 01, 2013 - "Inside the Operations of a
Media-Suing Machine"

May 22, 2013 - "Power Lawyers: THR Unveils
America's Top 100 Entertainment Attorneys"

May 11, 2013 - "UPDATE: UTA & ‘Scrubs’ Star Donald Faison Settle Unpaid Commissions Lawsuit"

You Made $75k Per Ep on 'Scrubs' ... So Pay Us!"

May 9, 2013 - "UTA Sues Another Ex-Client for

May 1, 2013 - "Chris Nolan's 'Dark Knight Rises'
Agency Fight Moves to Arbitration (Exclusive)"

April 9, 2013 - "Perez Hilton Wins 5-Year-Long
Dispute Over Publishing Woman's Mean-Spirited
E-Mail (Exclusive)"

March 29, 2013 - "PMC, Prometheus Settle
Deadline-TVLine-THR Lawsuit"

February 22, 2013 - "'Anger Management'
Lawsuit Claims Joe Roth Committed Fraud
to Satisfy Charlie Sheen"

February 21, 2013 - "Lawsuit Alleges
'Liz and Dick' Insurance Money Scam"

February 19, 2013 - "Joe Roth Goes for Win
in $50 Million 'Anger Management' Lawsuit"

January 25, 2013 - "Syfy, NBCU Accused Of
Stealing Concept For ‘Face Off’"

January 25, 2013 - "Lawsuit Claims SyFy's
'Face Off' Stolen From Pitch Meeting"

January 15, 2013 - "Sharon Waxman & TheWrap
Sued For Fraud By Former Executive"

December 18, 2012 - "Leah Remini Sued By
Former Managers Over ‘Family Tools’ Fees"

December 18, 2012 - "Leah Remini's Ex-Managers
Sue for Commissions From New ABC
Sitcom (Exclusive)"

October 22, 2012 - " 'Petty' Complaints or Poor
Security at City Plaza?"

October 03, 2012 - "Courtney Love's Daughter
Won't Testify in Mom's Twitter
Defamation Lawsuit"

October 03, 2012 - " 'Wolf of Wall Street'
Producers Settle Dueling Lawsuits"

September 27, 2012 - "Reality TV Producer
Drops UTA Romantic Conflict Lawsuit
(Exclusive) - Hollywood"

September 6, 2012 - "Batman Director Chris
Nolan Sues His Agencies To Determine
Their Commission"

September 6, 2012 - "Christopher Nolan Sues
Talent Agencies CAA And WME Over Fees"

AUGUST 24, 2012 - "Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall
Street' Backer Trades Lawsuits with
Producer (Exclusive)

AUGUST 23, 2012 - "Judge Upholds $325,000 Award
Against Barry Sonnenfeld Over
'MiB3' Commissions (Exclusive)"

July 25, 2012 - "Judge Tentatively Dismisses
Atty From Playboy Condom Suit"

JULY 25, 2012 - "Buyers lose 3-year dispute
over Norman Chandler's
former home"

JULY 24, 2012 - "AAU tourneys fight over
drawing cards"

JULY 18, 2012 - "Power Lawyers 2012 -
Bryan Freedman"

JUNE 22, 2012 - "Melissa Joan Hart Settles
Talent Manager Lawsuit"

JUNE 18, 2012 - "Courtney Love's Legal Nemesis
Seeks to Force Frances
Bean Cobain Testimony"

JUNE 15, 2012 - "Bethenny Frankel Settles $100
Million Manager
Lawsuit (Exclusive)"

JUNE 13, 2012 - "Joe Roth’s ‘Anger Management’
Countersuit Without Merit,
Says Plaintiff’s Lawyer"

JUNE 13, 2012 - "'Anger Management' Producer
Joe Roth Countersues in $50
Million Legal Battle (Exclusive)"

APRIL 25, 2012 - "Arbitrator Rules Barry Sonnenfeld
Owes UTA For ‘Men In Black III’"

APRIL 25, 2012 - "'Men in Black' Director Barry
Sonnenfeld Loses $325,000
Arbitration to UTA (Exclusive)"

APRIL 19, 2012 - "Law Firm Freedman & Taitelman,
LLP Files $220 Million Lawsuit
Against Designer Max Azria"

APRIL 19, 2012 - "BCBG CHAIRMAN Sued for $220
Million Over Playboy Condoms"

APRIL 18, 2012 - "Charlie Sheen's 'Anger
Management' Hit With $50
Million Lawsuit (Exclusive)"

APRIL 12, 2012 - "Pauly D Sued By ICM Talent
Agency; 'Jersey Shore' Salary
Revealed (Exclusive)"

APRIL 2, 2012 - "MTV Dodges Essence
Infringement Claims, For Now"

MARCH 4, 2012 - "Longtime home of former
Times publisher is focus of

MARCH 1, 2012 - "Talent Agency Sues 'House
of Payne' Star Keshia Knight
Pulliam for Commissions

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 - "‘Star Trek’ Actor’s Jilted
Agency Sets Phasers To ‘Sue’"

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 - "Yes, I did say that!
A look at who's saying
what in entertainment."

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 - "Chris Pine Sued By Former
Agents; 'This Means War,'
'Star Trek 2' Salary
Revealed (Exclusive)"

JANUARY 25, 2012 - "Globes trial focuses on
history of dispute"

FEBRUARY 7, 2012 - "Golden Globes Trial: Ex-HFPA
President Says No Meeting
Notes Were Destroyed"

FEBRUARY 3, 2012 - "Legal Brawl Erupts Over Tom
Cruise Thriller 'One Shot' (Exclusive)"

NOVEMBER 18, 2011 - "Ex-Condor's discrimination
suit dismissed"

OCTOBER 27, 2011 - "Melissa Joan Hart Sued By
Former Manager for Commissions"

SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 - "Hollywood Reporter Called a
Serial Plagiarist"

AUGUST 25, 2011 - "Maria Menounos Sued for
Defamation by Former 'Access
Hollywood' Stylist (Exclusive)"

JULY 15, 2011 - "Daily Journal: Settlement
assures low rents"

JULY 13, 2011 - "Power Lawyers 2011 -
Bryan Freedman"

JUNE 2, 2011 - "Facebook Seeks Contract,
E-Mails in ‘Scam’ Ownership Suit"

MAY 26, 2011 - "The Collective Sues
Manager Claiming Stolen
Clients (Exclusive)"

MAY 20, 2011 - "EXCLUSIVE: Michael Ovitz Sued
For Owing $203K Legal Fees
In Pellicano Scandal"

MAY 11, 2011 - "Bethenny Frankel Sued by
Ex-Manager for $100
Million (Exclusive)"

MAY 10, 2011 - "UTA Sues Writer/Producer Over
'American Pie 4' Commissions"

APRIL 11, 2011 - "O.C. 'Housewife' -- Ordered
to Pay Ex-BF $40,000"

MARCH 28, 2011 - "Arbitrator Chosen to Handle
Charlie Sheen Case (Exclusive)"

MARCH 11, 2011 - "UTA Sues World of Wonder
Over 'Tori & Dean'"

MARCH 11, 2011 - "UTA Sues 'Tori & Dean'
Producer Over Profits"

MARCH 8, 2011 - "Dreier Firm Swindled Fees,
Lawyers Claim"

MARCH 4, 2011 - "Courtney Love Settles
Twitter Defamation Case"

MARCH 4, 2011 - "Courtney Love's $430k
settlement of Twitter case shows
libel rules apply to online rants"

MARCH 3, 2011 - "Courtney Love to Pay
$430,000 to Settle Twitter
Defamation Case (Exclusive)"

FEBRUARY 23, 2011 - "Deadline.com's Parent Company
MMC Sends 'Cease & Desist'
Letter To TheWrap"

JANUARY 12, 2011 - "Celebrity Tweets on Trial"

JANUARY 6, 2011 - "Civil trial over Courtney Love's
tweets about designer
is postponed"

JANUARY 12, 2011 - "'Housewife' Gretchen Rossi
ordered to pay $40K"

JANUARY 5, 2011 - "Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi
Has to Pay"

JANUARY 5, 2011 - "Tweet Music: Courtney Love
Sued for Defamation Over Posts"

JANUARY 4, 2011 - "Courtney Love’s Tweets Lead
to Unique Defamation

DECEMBER 23, 2010 - "EXCLUSIVE: OC Housewife
Gretchen Rossi May Be Forced To
Pay $40,000 In
Attorney Fees To Ex"

DECEMBER 8, 2010 - "Lunch With One of The
Hollywood Reporter's Top 100
Entertainment Attorneys"

DECEMBER 2, 2010 - "Nikki Finke Sues 'Deadline
Hollyweird' Website, But Who
Is Running It?"

OCTOBER 1, 2010 - "Nikki Finke website sues
for copyright infringement"

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 - "Tamra Barney's Real Estranged
Househusband of O.C. Busted for
Domestic Violence"

SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 - "Courtney Love ordered to
appear for deposition"

AUGUST 11, 2010 - "Writer claims his own
managers stole 'Lottery Ticket'"

JULY 20, 2010 - "Facebook Claimant Must
Answer `Where Have
You Been?'to Succeed"

JULY 16-18, 2010 - "Power Lawyers 2010"

JUNE 16, 2010 - "Who is Trenton Brungard?
UTA sues to unmask
fake agent"

MAY 24, 2010 - "Self-help guru Wayne
Dyer sued for stealing
from Tao book"

MAY 18, 2010 - "Wayans brothers joke theft
case moves to L.A."

JANUARY 30, 2010 - "'Housewife' sued by man
alleging libel and slander"

JANUARY 29, 2010 - "'Real Housewives of O.C.'
Star Slapped with Suit"

JANUARY 20, 2010 - "Bob Yari Prods. files
for bankruptcy"

DECEMBER 31, 2009 - "Old Laws, New Apps Lead
to Rise in Lawsuits"

DECEMBER 1, 2009 - "Bob Yari faces contempt
hearing, fines in secret
battle with UTA"

NOVEMBER 19, 2009 - "Perez Hilton claims victory
(and plugs new book) after
Black Eyed Peas' manager

OCTOBER 26, 2009 - "Designer's lawsuit against
Courtney Love for libel
on Twitter continues"

OCTOBER 29, 2009 - "Judge Allows Twitter-Libel
Suit Against Rocker Love"

OCTOBER 8, 2009 - "Short Outbursts on
Twitter? #Big Problem"

SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 - "Bad Hair Day Cited
in Ventriloquist Case"

AUGUST 26, 2009 - "Rocker Love Says Her
“Vile” Tweets Warned

AUGUST 25, 2009 - "PAYBACK! WME Tries To
Bully Fired Agents: Agents
Bully WME Right Back
For Salaries"

AUGUST 21, 2009 - "Courtney Love vs.
Designer over Lawsuit"

AUGUST 3, 2009 - "Judge rules defamation
case against Britney Spears'
mother can go ahead"

July 24-26 2009 - "Bryan Freedman
honored again as one of
the entertainment industry’s
most Influential Attorneys"

JULY 23, 2009 - "Judge: It's a Spears
Family Affair"

JUNE 30, 2009 - "Wesley Snipes, talent
agency settle suit"

JUNE 24, 2009 - "Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed
Peas’ manager over altercation"

JUNE 23, 2009 - "Lawyer says Perez Hilton set
to sue over punch"

JUNE 23, 2009 - "The Perez Hilton-will.i.am
feud, digitally direct
to the masses"

JUNE 22, 2009 - "Perez Hilton lawyer
threatens Will.I.Am"

JUNE 9, 2009 - "Britney Spears' Camp Responds
To Sam Lutfi's Lawsuit"

MAY 8, 2009 - "Perez Hilton wins judgment
against PerezRevenge site"

APRIL 30, 2009 - "Sam Lutfi Won't Go Down
Without a Fight"

APRIL 21, 2009 - "Closing Arguments Heard in
Britney Restraining Order Case"

APRIL 21, 2009 - "Britney and Sam Lutfi:
A Very Tangled Web"

APRIL 20, 2009 - "Perez Hilton Sued
by Ohio Woman"

APRIL 20, 2009 - "Sam Lutfi Tones Down
Attack on Britney Spears"

APRIL 2, 2009 - "Courtroom battle over
Britney Spears and her
one-time confidant"

APRIL 1, 2009 - "Is Britney Spears Trying
to End Her Father's Control?"

MARCH 27, 2009 - "Photographer Says Web
Site Defamed Her"

MARCH 26, 2009 - "Courtney Love Sued by
Designer 'Boudoir Queen'"

MARCH 7, 2009 - "Judge rules Wesley Snipes
must answer more
lawsuit questions"

FEBRUARY 24, 2009 - "Britney Spears' father keeps
tight control over pop
star's every move"

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 - "Britney's dad testifies
for restraining order"

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 - "Britney Spears' former
manager sues pop star
and parents"

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 - "Lutfi Lawyer: Money's
Not Behind Britney
Spears Lawsuit"

FEBRUARY 3, 2009 - "Sam's Attorney Speaks:
Lynne Spears 'Destroyed Sam's
Reputation' And Exposed Brit
'For Her Own Profit'"

JANUARY 20, 2009 - "Video: Julia Roberts
Swears and Rants at Paparazzi"

DECEMBER 11, 2008 - "Samantha Ronson, the Web
and suits to spare"

NOVEMBER 24, 2008 - "Lenders Yanking
Borrowers’ Bucks"

OCTOBER 6, 2008 - "Blogger Hilton Collects $87K
From Lohan Pal Ronson"

JULY 25-27, 2008 - "Power Lawyers: the 100 most
influential attorneys in

APRIL 2, 2008 - "Perez Hilton Retaliates Against
Sony BMG Claim For Posting
Britney Tunes"

JANUARY 24, 2008 - "Perez Hilton Wins in Lohan
Friend Suit"

JANUARY 23, 2008 - "Blogger Perez Hilton gets
$85,000 in Lohan friend's lawsuit"

DECEMBER 7, 2007 - "Perez Hilton wants Samantha
Ronson to pick up his Bar tab"

DECEMBER 7, 2007 - "Perez Hilton wants Samantha
Ronson to pick up his Bar tab"

NOVEMBER 1, 2007 - "Perez Prevails in Ronson
Libel Suit"

AUGUST 28, 2007 - "Agents Sue Innovative"

JULY 24 - AUGUST 6, 2007 - "A tangled Legal Web"

JUNE 27, 2007 - "Gossip Blogger Perez
Hilton Sues Photo Agency"

MAY 18, 2007 - "Snap Judgment"


APRIL 2007 - "Demolition Man"

MARCH 9, 2007 - "Judge Denies Injunction
Against Perez Hilton"

MARCH 9, 2007 - "Perez Hilton Evens
Score in Paparazzi Lawsuit"


FEBRUARY 23, 2007 - "Paparazzi Pile on
Perez Hilton"


FEBRUARY 21, 2007 - "Blogger Perez Sued over
Topless Aniston Pic"

FEBRUARY 21, 2007 - "Blogger Perez Sued over
Topless Aniston Pic"

FEBRUARY 12, 2007 - "Judge: 'Hot News'
Misappropriation Applies
to Photos"

2007 - "New Complaint - Chris

DECEMBER 19, 2006 - "Legal Pad: Copyright Vs.
the Paparazzi Mentality"

DECEMBER 18, 2006 - "Paparazzi Sue Celeb Blogger
for $7.6M"

DECEMBER 18, 2006 - "Paparazzi sue celeb blogger
Perez Hilton"


DECEMBER 1, 2006 - "Blogger Perez Hilton Hit
With Photo Agency Copyright


MAY 22, 2006 - "Rescue Dawn - Production

MAY 21, 2006 - "Movie Game Is Not So Easy"


APRIL 17, 2003 - "Party that failed to file
opposition to summary
judgment motion was not
entitled to mandatory relief
for attorney's neglect."

MARCH 5, 1999 - "When in a Niche,
Less Can, Indeed, Mean

Bryan J. Freedman was selected as one of the most influential entertainment litigators in the country by The Hollywood Reporter in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and in all six years has been named in the Top 100 Power Lawyers list. Additionally, Bryan was recognized as a Southern California "Super Lawyer" in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, a peer-based award reserved only for the top 5% of all lawyers in Southern California. Bryan has been a trial lawyer since 1991 and has extensive experience litigating unique and complex entertainment, real estate, employment and commercial disputes. Bryan's wide ranging experience, including a vast knowledge of asset based judgment collection, allows the client the opportunity to not only successfully litigate a case through trial but also be able to collect assets to satisfy the judgment through both domestic and international mechanisms and resources. Bryan's trial experience includes successfully defending numerous large corporations and achieving multimillion dollar verdicts on behalf of real estate development companies.

Chosen as a Life Member of the Kingston's National Registry of Who's Who and the National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals, Bryan was also recognized by his peers as a Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Star in 2004. Bryan's clients include large and small internet-based entertainment companies, motion picture, television and production companies, talent agencies, actors, personal and business management firms, national real estate brokerage companies, real estate development and management companies, national food service distributors, multi-state restaurant companies, banks, financial institutions, and multi-national corporations.

Bryan and his partner, Michael Taitelman (also named a Southern California Super Lawyer and Rising Star) have been friends since their college days at the University of California at Berkeley, and started Freedman & Taitelman, LLP in 1997 to provide the same large firm litigation expertise and aggressiveness along with smaller firm client attention and efficient cost management. Bryan takes an active role in all matters and focuses on effective strategies to help his clients attain their goals.


Bryan Freedman on Media Mayhem

Bryan Freedman on The Hollywood Reporter -Power Lawyers 2014

Bryan Freedman on The Hollywood Reporter -Power Lawyers 2013

Bryan Freedman on The Hollywood Reporter -Power Lawyers 2012

Bryan Freedman on The Hollywood Reporter -Power Lawyers 2011

Bryan Freedman on The Hollywood Reporter -Power Lawyers 2010

Bradley H. Kreshek

Bradley H. Kreshek is a litigator whose practice focuses on real estate and general business disputes. Brad has extensive experience drafting pleadings and motions, propounding and responding to discovery and trial preparation. Brad also has experience at the appellate level.

Prior to beginning his career as an attorney, Brad was a project manager for a preeminent real estate development company in Southern California.

Brad graduated from the University of Southern California in 1987 with a degree in Business Administration. Brad received his J.D. in 1997 from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, where he was a member of the law review.


Brian Elliot Turnauer

Brian Elliot Turnauer is a general business litigator, with an emphasis on business, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, and entertainment. Brian has extensive experience handling all aspects of general civil litigation, including dispute resolution and jury trials.

Additionally, Brian co-authored an article entitled "Gain A New Perspective On Pre-Trial Practice" which was published and presented at the 2007 National Business Institute Seminar on Bad Faith Insurance Claims In California. He also co-authored the report "U.S. Arms Trade With Turkey Violates Domestic and International Law – Contributing to the Genocide of the Kurds" which was published and presented to the United Nations' Human Rights Commission in 1998. Brian was a contributing writer to the entertainment treatise entitled, "Entertainment Law: Legal Concepts and Business Practices," Second Edition (West Group, 1998) R.C. Lind, P. Acton, T. Selz and M. Simensky.

Prior to joining Freedman & Taitelman, LLP, Brian was a senior litigation associate with the national law firm of Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess, LLP. He has served as the Director of Business and Legal Affairs for Network Presence, LLC and Photonovel Publications.

Brian is a member of the California State Bar and the American Bar Association. He is also a member of the Entertainment and Intellectual Property Committees of the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Bar Associations. Brian is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court, Ninth Circuit.

Brian graduated cum laude from Drexel University in 1994 where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Communications. He received his J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law in 1999.


David M. Marmorstein

David M. Marmorstein is a litigator emphasizing the areas of business and employment related disputes, with a focus towards employment discrimination related matters and experience in real estate disputes. David has extensive experience in all aspects of pleadings, discovery, depositions, law and motion practice, dispute resolution and trials.

In addition to his experience as a business and employment litigator, David practiced Employment and Labor Law for two years, representing a network of nationwide labor organizations and their union members, as in-house counsel. David has experience, through his involvement with organized labor, litigating various disputes through grievances and arbitrations. David was also involved in his capacity as in-house counsel, with extensive contract negotiations and litigating voting rights before the National Labor Relations Board.

David is a member of the California State Bar, the American Bar Association and is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court, Ninth Circuit.

David received his B.S. degree in 1994 from the California State University, Northridge. He received his J.D. from the University of San Diego in 1997. David is married with three sons.


Jesse Kaplan

Jesse Kaplan is an experienced litigator whose practice includes general business, commercial, securities, entertainment, intellectual property, real property insurance coverage and internet disputes. Mr. Kaplan has extensive experience handling all aspects of litigation, including jury trials.

Prior to joining Freedman & Taitelman, LLP, Mr. Kaplan practiced law in New York where he represented clients ranging from Fortune 50 corporations, to small technology companies. Mr. Kaplan is admitted to practice in both State and Federal courts in California and New York.

Mr. Kaplan graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1999. He received his J.D. from The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 2002. He received the First Honors Award in Torts for earning the highest grade in is class for that subject.


Jonathan M. Genish

Jonathan M. Genish is a general business litigator with emphases in real estate, employment and general business disputes. Jonathan has extensive experience handling all facets of civil litigation, and has successfully tried numerous multimillion dollar matters. Additionally, Jonathan was honored by Super Lawyers as a 2012 Southern California Rising Star.

Jonathan has represented individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, including real estate developers and investors, investment, management and brokerage companies, private equity firms, banks, and entertainment and talent management companies.

Jonathan has been with Freedman & Taitelman in different capacities since 2001, and has also worked in commercial and residential real estate sales, the legal department of New Plan Excel Real Estate Investment Trust, and the real estate firm of Oved & Oved LLP. Jonathan received his Juris Doctorate from Cardozo School of Law in New York City, and a Bachelors of Science with honors in both Real Estate and Finance from California State University of Northridge.


Jonathan Genish on Super Lawyers

Jordan Susman

Jordan Susman is a general litigator, with an emphasis on intellectual property and entertainment disputes.  He has handled all aspects of civil litigation and arbitration.

Jordan has represented writers, directors, producers, actors, recording artists, talent agencies, management companies, and independent production companies, among other types of clients.

Jordan received a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.F.A. from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema Arts, and a J.D. from Loyola Law School.  During law school, Jordan externed for the Honorable Stephen Reinhardt of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.


Sean M. Hardy

Sean M. Hardy is general litigator with an emphasis on business, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, and entertainment. Sean has extensive experience in all aspects of litigation, including pleadings, discovery, law and motion practice, dispute resolution, and trial preparation.

Sean has represented clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to public companies.

Sean graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 2006, where he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Sean received his J.D. from the Pepperdine University School of Law in 2009, and was admitted to the California State Bar in 2009.

While in law school, Sean worked as a judicial extern for the Honorable Dean D. Pregerson of the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Sean was a staff member on the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal. In 2010, his article, “A Fighting Chance: The Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act & Its Potential Effects on Binding Arbitration Agreements”, was published in the Journal’s spring edition.

Read Sean's “A Fighting Chance: The Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act & Its Potential Effects on Binding Arbitration Agreements” full article


September Rea

September Rea is an experienced litigator whose practice focuses on commercial litigation and labor and employment law. Ms. Rea has experience in all stages of civil litigation, including an extensive law and motion practice and jury trial experience. Ms. Rea litigates before State and Federal courts as well as arbitration panels.

Ms. Rea’s commercial litigation practice includes the representation of corporate clients and individuals in a wide variety of civil actions including fiduciary duty and malpractice claims, trade secret actions, real estate litigation, breach of contract matters, and other general business matters.

Ms. Rea’s labor and employment experience includes advising employers on compliance with state and federal laws and regulations including California wage and hour law, employee handbooks and personnel policies, and employment contracts. Ms. Rea also represents corporate clients as well as individuals in civil actions involving wage and hour law, employment discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims, and employment-related breaches of contract.

Prior to joining Freedman & Taitelman, LLP, Ms. Rea practiced law in Austin, Texas where she represented corporate clients in complex commercial litigation and labor and employment matters. Ms. Rea is admitted to practice in both State and Federal courts in California and Texas. Ms. Rea obtained her Juris Doctorate from The University of Texas School of Law with honors in 2004 and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy summa cum laude from Texas A & M University in 2001.

Ms. Rea has volunteered her time in a variety of pro bono matters, including representing victims of domestic violence in family court matters and acting as a Special Prosecutor for the City of Burbank.


Steven B. Stiglitz

Steven B. Stiglitz is a general business litigator, with an emphasis on business, intellectual property, Internet and entertainment disputes. Steve has extensive experience handling all aspects of general civil litigation and arbitration. Super Lawyers magazine recently recognized Steve a “Rising Star,” which is a designation reserved for only 2.5% of California’s lawyers.

Steve has represented individual clients, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of disputes. His notable accomplishments include:

--Second chairing an arbitration on behalf of United Talent Agency in which the Firm prevailed on a novel issue of law and thereby obtained and collected a judgment for all commissions owed by Director Barry Sonnenfeld in connection with the motion picture MIB III.

--Second chairing a bench trial in a dispute between the owners of a medical marketing business, and obtaining a favorable statement of decision for the Firm’s client.

--Working on the litigation team that obtained a permanent injunction and a $100 million damages verdict for Mattel, which was later reversed on appeal, in a case relating to a former employee's theft of the concept and prototype for Bratz dolls.

Prior to joining Freedman & Taitelman, LLP, Steve was a litigation associate with the national law firms of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, LLP and Blank Rome, LLP, where his clients included Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Teledyne, and Wells Fargo.

Steve is a member of the California State Bar and admitted to practice in all district courts in California.

Steve also serves as a member of the regional board of advisors of Read to a Child (formerly known as EverybodyWins), a national non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged elementary school children with literacy skills.

Steve graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with honors from Stanford University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Political Science in 1999. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2002 where he served as the Notes Editor for the Journal of Law and Public Policy.


Steven E. Formaker

Steve Formaker is a litigator with extensive experience in handling business, commercial, real estate and insurance, and probate disputes. He has conducted numerous jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations. He has also briefed and argued appeals in both federal and state appellate courts.

Steve is admitted to practice before all California courts, the United States District Courts for the Central, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of California, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Steve did his undergraduate work at UCLA, where he earned a B.A. magna cum laude in 1977. He is a 1980 graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). While in law school, he competed in the James Patterson McBaine Moot Court Competition, was a member of the Moot Court Board and the Student-Faculty Committee on Clinical Education, and interned with Judge John Purchio of the Alameda County Superior Court.